OVK-01 1/24 TSMC3D Ariel Atom 3 Model Kit



Please be aware, these are 3D printed to order and can add roughly 7 working days to your order(we try printing the parts as soon as we can). Your order will be shipped out as soon as possible.

This is a resin 3D printed set

All of the pieces needed to build it are included, such as for example: chassis, interior tub, engine, exhaust, front and rear lights, front and rear hatch, wheels, tyres, steering wheel, gear lever and fire extinguisher.

The particular version of car is called the V3, and has an Ariel V8 engine.

The design of this set is done by OliVizzle


We have permission from the designer to print and sell these parts


If you want these parts to be printed in a different size, please contact us: info@thescalemodelingchannel.com